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Voiceover & Audio Productions News from SunSpots on 2/22/08

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Date: 2/22/08

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Studio Manager of SunSpots Orlando location reaches record breaking production level

Think you've done lots of spots? SunSpots Productions Zak Miller may have you beat. He just produced his 7,000th session at SunSpots recording studios Orlando location. If that isn't reason enough to celebrate, Zak is also celebrating his 10th anniversary with SunSpots Productions.

How many spots is that? Zak says "You can figure an average 2-3 spots per session, so I imagine I've engineered and produced anywhere from 10 to 15 THOUSAND commercials." Radio and TV commercials, long form industrials, web 2.0 audio and every application you think of where a voiceover is needed has been recorded from Zak's customized studio.

An avid surfer, Zak had his studio custom painted last year will all walls filled with soft clouds and blue skies melting into a fiery sunset. "Clients love it when they do sessions in my room. They’re surrounded by the beach sunset.”

What about 10 years at one location? "That's rare in this business, but I was here soon after SunSpots began in the voiceover and audio production world and I knew the owners were dedicated to excellence. I've done things I never could have done when I worked in radio. " Zak was a fixture on Orlando radio station WDIZ for many years. " Like last fall, I was flown to LA to be the post-production engineer on an HBO film with Katt Williams. A couple years ago Larry the Cable Guy was in the studio to lay down ADR for the movie Cars and there's been other celebs I've got to work with here at SunSpots. A couple weeks ago we were working with Golf Legend, Arnold Palmer."

Zak's hard work and dedication eventually earned him the position of Studio Manager of the Florida SunSpots location. 

He’s also a triple hitter at SunSpots. He’s the studio manager, a producer/engineer and a very successful voice talent too. Listen to Zak’s voice demo by visiting SunSpots web site:

“I’m looking forward to another 10 years at SunSpots. We’re the best in the world at what we do!” SunSpots co-owner Thomas Rohe, feels the same. “Zak has been there from our baby steps to our giant leaps as we’ve become the world-wide leader in our industry. Whatever we’ve needed, Zak has been there for us, his co-workers, but also for our voice talent and our clients. We can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication.”

You can schedule your next audio production with Zak by calling Janet at 800-884-7632.

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SunSpots Productions is a Global Supplier of Voiceover Talent, Creative Audio Production and Post Production from our studios near Orlando, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina. If you'd like more information about SunSpots Productions, or to schedule an interview with Zak Miller, please call Bryan Williams at 828-628-2250 or email Thomas at [email protected].

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